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Contact us because we have an individual, in-depth and responsible approach to each of our candidates. Our team is a collection of proven professionals in the field of human resources selection and management.

We appreciate the high professionalism, the pursuit of high results, the self-organization, the communicativeness, the humor and the luminosity of the candidates. If you are looking for new career opportunities … we believe that together we will achieve high results and we will justify our confidence in the search for your “Dream job”. 

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Are you looking for a new job? You have come to the right place because we will help you find the realization that will make you really happy. The companies we work with are from a variety of business sectors, offering the opportunity to realize in the area that you really like.


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In Future Job Solutions Ltd.

  • Professional services
  • Our team of professionalists supports all of you – candidates and clients, with adequate and polite behavior.
  • Preparation of the documentation
  • All the needed documentation needed for the procedure is prepared by us.
  • Depositing the documents
  • The needed documents are deposited in all the institutions by us free of charge.
  • Tracking the process
  • Our team personally keeps track on the process and how it is going – issuing permissions, social security numbers and actual job start.
  • Provided transportation
  • We provide transportation from the country of origin to the Republic of Bulgaria and backwards.
  • Assistance with the accommodation
  • Our colleagues are available at any time of arrival and in a convenient time for the employer, they assist in the accommodation of the future employees of the company.
  • Loyalty and correctness
  • Like our clients are loyal and correct to us we give them back the same attitude.
  • Health booklets and medical insurance
  • We assist in the issuing of health booklets and the concluding of medical insurance.
  • Extended work time
  • Regarding of the time and day, we are always on reconciliation for our clients and customers, wanting to live in work in Bulgaria.
  • Free of charge service for the candidates
  • The whole procedure of finding a work place, preparation of the documents, getting permission, providing transportation and actual job start is completely free for our customers.
  • License
  • FJS’s activity as a recruitment agency is based on a license from the National Employment Agency under No. 2387/2017.
  • Short terms
  • The time from finding a job to the time when you actually start the job is around 2 weeks.

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