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What is our activity based on?​

Who are we? – Future Job Solutions Ltd. is an consulting agency for staff selection with an innovative approach to labor market development. Our team of specialists behind dynamic activity helps and reorganizes the job search process by making it as easy as possible for you – your clients. The company’s main drive is to streamline the process of finding the right people for the right job so as a result all parties are satisfied with the end result.


In Future Job Solutions Ltd.

  • We have established market positions both in Bulgaria and in the countries with which we cooperate directly;
  • Our company work with numerous and well-developed channels to find and select specialists in different areas of the labor market;
  • We cooperate with many companies in different business areas, which are guarantors of the quality of the work done;
  • We are actively looking for specialists who meet the requirements for the positions announced;
  • Our team makes the preparation of the documentation;
  • Organize transport to and from Bulgaria;
  • Perform the necessary procedures for the actual start of work of a foreigner with you.
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Our advantages:

  • Above all close connection in the state with Ukrainian and Moldovan communities, as well as with the Bessarabian Bulgarians in Ukraine and Moldova;
  • Full administrative and legal service of the documentation, including for example preparation, submission, monitoring and obtaining of both temporary and permanent licenses;
  • Furthermore active participation in international social events in partner countries as well as in Bulgaria;
  • Moreover a complete organization of the transport of the approved and assigned employees from the place of their permanent residence to their place of work in the Republic of Bulgaria and vice versa;
  • At the request of an employer in addition we can assist with finding housing for the duration of their stay.


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